Saturday, March 5, 2016

Welcome to the Job Search Party!

Coaching candidates is my favorite part of the recruiting experience.  I have recruited for a number of companies and firms in quite a variety of fields hiring well-educated professionals for 20 years. It has been interesting to see what parts of a job search / hiring process are universal. Having been on both sides of countless interviews in good, bad and boom markets, I think I get it – and I’d like to share.

To give you and idea of the topics ahead, I'll share the working titles of the book I keep meaning to write. I think they're telling:
  •  It’s Not Personal, But It Sure Is Human 
  • How To Survive and Complete a Corporate Job Search
  • Recruiter’s Rant
  • What I’d Love To Tell You - But Can’t
It started as a rant, includes lots of what I’d love to tell you . . . (i.e. Chapter 9 is titled – “Shut Up” :D) but really it is aimed at guiding people thru this business process and keeping your spirits up by letting you know over and over again - a "no" is not personal, it's business.

Job Search Party - Sometimes it’s about staying positive, sometimes it’s about not going it alone and sometimes it’s about needing a search party to find the next step in our work journeys.

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